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It Only Takes One Damned Yankee . . .

Posted on June 7, 2014 at 3:53 PM
Katzenhaus Books has some breaking news about Damned Yankee, but let's introduce it correctly:

Now then, the first news is that sales on Amazon's Kindle page are going swimmingly. The book has been available for five weeks, and each week has seen an increase in sales. Last week over the week before? A 300% increase. This week over two weeks ago? 400% increase. Somehow the word is getting out!

Today I received one of those e-mail promotions from Amazon; at least they've noticed it's available.

The trade paper version is available in other locations for those who would rather not do business with Amazon. Residents of South Carolina's Low Country can find the book in the Museum Shop at Middleton Place, where they are pushing it because several of the Middleton family members appear in the book. We also hope to have it on the shelves in the bookstore at the Penn Center on St. Helena Island shortly.

For everyone else, you can now find the trade paper edition on Barnes and Noble's website at:
They are also offering it at the reduced price of $16.37.

A couple of other reminders: I have a Pinterest board up for Damned Yankee.  It contains photos of the settings of the book as well as maps and portraits. Find it at:   And right next to that board, you'll find another with useful information for book clubs who are reading Damned Yankee, including topics for discussion and menu ideas to give you a taste of the lives Jonathan and Susan lived.

If you want an autographed copy with matching bookmark, send an email message to me and I'll let you know how to order one directly from me.

I'll soon be opening negotiations to make this book available as an audiobook to complement the paper and electronic versions. If you'd rather listen than read, let me know and I'll keep you posted on our progress.

I'm so pleased with the way things are going. What can I do to thank you for your interest in this new story and for continuing to read and enjoy our books?  Do you have questions you'd like to ask?  Comments? Send them to me at the email link above, or put them in the blurb  you write when Amazon asks you how you liked the book. I'll do my best to respond. Remember, an author sinks or swims depending upon the reactions of readers, so let's keep the conversation going.


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